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Innovation Toolkit

Increase curiosity, passion and skill to find innovative business solutions and add unique value for customers

The problem is our business needs rapid innovation from all stakeholders but meetings are too quiet, and we remain too slow to change and offer value too similar to traditional competitors

Join and think entrepreneurially with a toolkit of creative thinking activities transforming our work, roles, activities products and services, and strategic goals.

Jon is insightful and creative and always fun to work with. He inspires people and has a straightforward analytical approach that is easy to understand. By following J-Global’s innovation process we were able to gain some useful direction on improvement and cost saving in our company.

CEO, Drink Importer

Our innovation activities were full of energy and enthusiasm. The facilitator’s positive ‘can do’ attitude was infectious, we generated lots of original ideas, and it was a real pleasure working together.

International Trade Advisor, UK Government in Japan

Jon is the most creative person I know. He dedicates himself to helping participants turn their ideas into new and improved projects and services. He has a gift for helping clients identify issues with their business processes and their business communication, and a track record of helping them to resolve those issues.

Operations Manager, Consulting company

The Purpose of this workshop:

■ Learn ways to quickly see things in a fresh perspective, and generate useful profitable new business changes, including team brainstorming skills and confidence to change.

Who is it for?

■ Managers, staff, departments, cross-functional teams who need fresh thinking. (Mixed language levels OK due to bilingual facilitation)

How will participants benefit?

■ Get a positive, creative “let’s try new ideas” mindset-

■ Learn simple processes and new ways of thinking that help individuals and teams quickly find creative solutions: via a toolkit for various needs or situations

■ Build global cross-functional teamwork via enjoyable creative discussion

■ Practice English in relevant, exciting way (if seminar done in English or mixed language groups)

■ Drive real fast change in your job, department or organization.

Workshop Methodology:

■ Whole day is natural “action-learning” flow to create innovative output. Groups choose real issues to solve, and use innovation frameworks and tools to create innovation solutions.

■ Seminar starts with overview of innovation and creativity – what they mean, why innovation is important to our future, and how we can improve this skill by practicing.

■ All day, pairs and groups use various collaborative methods to learn and practice the skills. “Hybrid” methods for intercultural communication may be practiced. Finally teams/individuals become champions of own innovation initiatives.


Program highlights

■ Learn useful processes and methods, including effective brainstorming meeting style (goals, constraints, individual thinking) that are useful for your whole career.

■ Multi benefit program: Improve team relationships, build global communication skills, change to creative mindset  (Curiosity and confidence) and find innovative business solutions.

■ Find most strategic key challenges to solve, and find how to win supoort (Speed group kaizen) for fast execution. (Prepare for follow up activity such as sprint )


Facilitation Agenda


09:00 Orientation Purpose and workshop methods Why we need innovation, program goals, introductions, Open communication, peer-to-peer action learning
09:15 Innovation to create value Strategic thinking Start with Why. Strategic shared understanding (Organization’s brand promise, strategy, key challenges)
09:30 Action learning: Preparation Key questions (issues/opportunities for our business) to explore. ? (Good question guides us to achieve specific strategic goal/step.) Innovation constraints check-list. Question sheets & Post-it activity
<Break: 10 minutes>
10:30 Innovation Tool-kit Inspiration: Creative thinking tools Inspiration card activity: Teach a tool to your group, use to  start “solving” your question.
Inspiration tools include:
1. Reverse,
2. Combine,
3. Viewpoints/Insights,
4. Lego/Image,
5. Idea sprint,
6. Pareto Principle,
7. What if,
8. What would need to be true,
9. Double-speed,
10. 10X Value,
11. Metaphor,
12. Five Whys,
13. Flow,
14. Ball-park
12:00 <Networking Lunch: 60 minutes>
Ideation: Problem Solving Approaches 1. Gap Analysis,
2. Causes (Bottlenecks),
3. VUCA (Situations),
4. SWOT,
5. Blue Ocean value curve,
6. Hot and cold spots,
7 Brainstorming,
8. Mind-mapping,
9. Design thinking.
10. Jump X kaizen,
11 Customer Personas,
12. Loves and hates<Break: 10 minutes>
14:40 Implementation: Planning and Execution 1. Business process mapping,
2. Big and Small Wins,
3. One page proposal,
4. Stakeholder Mapping,
5. Design sprint,
6. Cross-functional Teams,
7. Prioritizing,
8. Big Rocks / Just do it (salami vs. Swiss cheese)                        <Break: 10 minutes>
15:50 Collaborative Innovation Global Communication Clear, persuasive presentations, discussions skills
16:15 Cross-functional Innovation Teams approach shared key issues. Use suitable skills from tool-kit
16:50 Wrap up Summarize progress  1. Pair teach-back (key learnings),
2. Team next actions,
3. My next actions. <Finish 17:00>

Sample Program Slides

Collaborate to solve real issues

Optimize your personal creativity

Plan solutions for future changes





Program design by Jon James Lynch and J-Global facilitators. Copyright K.K. J-Global 2018. All rights reserved