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Emotional Intelligence             L39

Build positive interpersonal skills for success in work and life‬‬

The problem is many employees are not fully satisfied at work due to stress or other de-motivating factors and are therefore not producing their most effective, profitable results.‬‬

Improve your work life and that of your team by understanding the “emotional intelligence” principles that are the keys to optimising human thinking and behavior.‬‬

Rob’s program got me excited about using coaching style communication. It helped me to see the biological and psychological explanations of why we humans need to control our emotions. Since then, by staying calm and positive in arguments, I’ve improved some key personal and business relationships.

Sales Manager, Consulting Organization

Rob’s listening and reflective skills, and his insights, brought me a greater sense of clarity and helped me deal with my doubts, get out of my comfort zone, think out of the box and stretch my goals. 

CEO, Training Agency

Rob’s sessions helped me visualize and prioritize my thoughts and goals. He taught me some simple hints to put ideas into action by myself. It was amazing to find that you could do something you’ve been wanting to do but thought you couldn’t.

Office Manager, Service Company

The Purpose of this workshop:

■ Improve staff satisfaction and management skill by understanding and practising how to manage and enhance emotions in a harmonious, positive way, and how to develop your own communication and leadership skills.

Who is it for?

■ For managers and staff who want to improve motivation, satisfaction, effectiveness and productivity at work and in their lives.

How will participants benefit?

■ Learn easy to understand theory and practical exercises that will let you immediately put what you learn into practice in your workplace and social/personal life;

■ Practice scientifically proven techniques for relieving stress and building confidence and well-being;

■ Learn easy to use and highly effective tools for mastering emotions and having the impact you want;

■ Adapt emotional intelligence principles to your unique situation and needs.

Workshop Methodology:

■ Learn emotional intelligence in a four stage program designed and facilitated by ICF certified executive coach Rob Russell

■ 1. Introduction to emotional intelligence: what it is and why it counts; transforming anger and anxiety into stores of positive energy

■ 2. Mastering your inner game: achieving balance in yourself and in your work/life; making win-win deals at work and in life; cultivating wellness and defeating stress 3. Getting what you want at work and in life: being assertive and proactive;

■ 3. Achieving fulfillment: why you can have what you want and why it’s important to know what that is and how to work towards it.

■ 4. Mastering relationships; empathy; mastering behaviour; body language and impact

■ Steps are supported by bilingual materials, small group discussions and self-discovery activities.

■ Steps are supported by bilingual materials, small group discussions and self-discovery activities.

Program highlights

■ Learn a unique mix of psychological techniques effective for success in the Japanese and global workplace

■ Feel a refreshingly improved understanding of yourself and your colleagues, and become motivated to try harder at work (without burning out), and enjoy more effective teamwork by building emotional intelligence skills


Facilitation Agenda


Day 1: Taking Control of Your Life & Recognising Your Potential


18:00 Orientation Introductions, goals, seminar style.
18:15 Introduction to emotional intelligence (EI) What it is and why it counts.                                                                     <10 min break>
19:25 How to be proactive in stressful situations. Discussion. Role-plays. Reflection.                                                            <Finish 20:00>


Day 2: Achieving Balance & Reducing Stress in Yourself and in Your Work/Life: 


18:00 Orientation Time for questions about session one. Overview of session two.
18:15 Negative emotions Dealing with fear, anger and guilt. Changing negative emotions into confidence and mental wellness
18:50 Cultivating positive emotions in yourself and your workplace. Discussion.                                                                                               <10 min break>
19:25 Finding balance and being flexible and creative.  Reducing stress. Activities and reflection.                                                                             <Finish 20:00>


Day 3: Being Assertive & Communicating Effectively: 


18:00 Orientation Time for questions about session two. Overview of session three.
18:15 Saying “no”. Role plays.
18:40 Improving communication: expressing what you want & need. Making win-win compromises. Role plays.                                                                                              <10 min break>
19:20 Dealing with criticism and difficult colleagues. Role plays.                                                                                                <Finish 20:00>


Day 4: Mastering Relationships:


18:00 Orientation Time for questions about session three. Overview of session four.
18:15 Empathy. What is it? How empathic are you: questionnaire. How to improve your empathic ability. Active listening. Role plays.                                                                                <10 min break>
19:05 Body language. Why it is important and how to read it. Practice.
19:25 Wrap-up Review of learning. Goal setting for after the course. Time for questions.  <Finish 20:00>



Sample Program Slides

Turn fear into strength

Give and get motivation

Manage emotions for success





Program design by Jon James Lynch and J-Global facilitators. Copyright K.K. J-Global 2018. All rights reserved