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50s and 60s Mindset                 L37
Refresh –
Evolving into Mentor, Innovator & Global “Support Coaches”

Help experienced staff and managers be reborn in new roles as fresh, energetic resources for business growth

The problem is we are wasting resources in outdated roles – many senior employees with only ten years remaining want to avoid change and risk, but global business needs require them to learn new skills and behaviors.
Join and see fun useful new career opportunities, and get the motivation to try it…‬‬

Thanks a million! I extremely enjoyed the workshop ~ The moment is here for upgrading myself with your global leadership program. Extremely Lucky to be trained by you~~Thank you~

China Production coordinator, Engineering Company

Really informative and impactful. I’ve worked my whole career to achieve one goal and once I achieved it, I couldn’t find the motivation to move forward, I needed a new purpose. Jon’s seminar was a lifesaver in that it helped me find that motivation again.

Engineer, IT Company

Wonderful.  He gave me positive mind set.  Very energetic and informative!  Leaned a lot!  The content was quite relevant I got the image to change my mind for my future career.

Manager, Energy Company

The Purpose of this workshop:

■ Change mindset to get new value from seniors – repurposing them as mentors, global business “support coaches” or entrepreneurial change agents, instead of just cruising to retirement in outdated roles and negative mindset.

Who is it for?

■ 50s and 60s aged employees who have experience or potential to help the company in new ways – when we can change their mindset ‬‬

How will participants benefit?

■ See own career and work in a new way, and help the organization do “hatarakikata kaikaku” (efficient, effective) working style that supports global business growth.

■ Have a fresh life: plan and enjoy new fun challenges and “yarigai” meaningful new purpose.

■ Build energising and mutually rewarding relationships with other business units, young leaders and staff.

■ Become a more valuable contributor, and create more income by driving business growth.

Workshop Methodology:

■ Share goals, see cases and do survey that show change is needed – to take on new types of roles which add value, such as business support coach: as mentor (for leadership, technical growth), innovator (driving new business), or support (helping existing business)

■ See change is possible, enjoyable and helps company and own career. Get growth mindset. Consider own values, and how they fit in a new diverse global world. Think how to adapt own behaviors and communication style for new roles

■ Learn supportive, active-listening “coaching-style” communication style for use with younger employees, change-resistant colleagues.

■ Learn how to change habits, build on strengths Practice in pairs and groups – motivate and encourage each other. Plan positive change – action steps, assignments. Bilingual interactive workshop style lets all members enjoy participation.

Program highlights

■ Plan and experience real change in mindset and behaviors to be more useful

■ Feel positive: Watch scenes from the The Intern – an inspiring movie about a 70 year old intern who coaches a young online fashion company CEO

■ Know benefits for own career, life happiness and to contribute to company growth when we share our experience and support as coaches.

Facilitation Agenda


09:00 Orientation The Purpose of this workshop, goals, introductions, using “open communication”
09:20 Vision of success What’s an excellent business coach / support staff
10:30 Values: Changing to “Diverse Values Communication” Business Culture
11:00 Individual Goals: Excellent Coach Confident Strengths and Points to Improve
11:30 Skill-set 1:  Diversity Effective learning and opening to change. Positive mindset. Objectivity, New self image, Benefits to enjoy.
13:00 Success Stories Share and discuss various cases of senior employees who reinvented themselves as support coaches, or new business leaders…etc.
14:10 Skill-set 2:  Humility Pro-active、service-oriented leadership: “kind, supportive, wise” working style
15:10 Skill-set 3: Coaching Positive communication. Active Listening. Coaching relationship. Useful problem solving guidance. Clarifying synergy of management and individual goals)
16:40  Feedback and Mission  Challenges for our real work situations

Sample Program Slides

Consider own future value as coach

Know which behaviors to change

Turn negatives into positives





Program design by Jon James Lynch and J-Global facilitators. Copyright K.K. J-Global 2018. All rights reserved