Why an internship at J-Global could be the perfect opportunity for you!

Are you interested in the fusion of Japan’s team-based work style with fast-paced, global business practices?

Do you want a first-hand experience of Tokyo’s intercultural business world?

Would you like to gain working experience in both small, agile start-ups and large Japanese organizations?

Are you flexible and want to work on major projects?


The Company:

J-Global is a small start-up that helps organizations succeed with a powerful new framework for managing, working and communicating in an international environment. J-Global does this by providing (1) seminars, (2) consulting and is currently producing (3) e-Learning modules. The J-Global method trains leaders and staff in a system of inter-cultural mindsets and skills which combines the strengths of Japan’s team-based work style with fast-paced, competitive global business practices. J-Global organizations are more motivated, more proactive, more collaborative and more effective.

Japanese and global business cultures are poles apart and when they collide in an international organization, friction and misunderstandings can be the result. J-Global overcomes these obstacles and turns them into growth by training leaders and staff in a powerful new system of inter-cultural management and communication skills. With J-Global, the meeting of business cultures is no longer a threat. It’s an opportunity for competitive advantage.


Intern Roles:

J-Global is always looking for variously skilled interns. Interns should be flexible, supportive and desire to broaden their experiences while taking on multiple roles in the company. Some of the most important roles an intern in J-Global could take on include the following:


IT Support:

– Support IT for J-Global and client Learning Management Systems
– Support IT for J-Global internal systems (website, etc.)
– Support e-Learning platforms (coding, editing, production, etc.)
– Join RFI / negotiation with global LMS (learning management system) companies to create localized versions of best solution         for Japan
– Localize best LMS for Japan market, including setting up e-commerce / reporting capability to support multiple reseller layers
– Optimize systems to support micro-learning delivery, with customized learner and reporting elements
– Support various LMS systems of multiple global clients for supporting their strategic business goals, including integration with       social layer/reporting solutions

Advisory and Consulting Support:

– Work at client site as part of J-Global team
– Support projects by researching, analysing data and checking/formatting data
– Attend meetings, create minutes, offer feedback/personal insights, propose own roles/tasks to help colleagues achieve                   milestones expeditiously

Event Management:

– Organize upcoming events/seminars
– Assist J-Global support of non-profit events
– Communicate with participants via email

Sales and Marketing Coordinator:

– Development of existing client portfolios
– Customer care and coordination of global business consulting services
– Brainstorm new and innovative marketing measures
– Strengthen J-Global social media marketing
– Assist business research activity
– Translation and editing of sales kits, program presentations, etc.

Interactive Director:

– Plan UI/UX
– Implement content as SCORM package
– Demonstrate to client (with sales team), hear feedback/needs, improve and deliver to client
– Support implementation on LMS / Check end user satisfaction


Candidate Skill Set

Internship candidates should be able to conduct work and internal communications in English. Japanese language proficiency is desirable, but not necessary. Proficiency in languages such as Chinese and Spanish are a plus. Candidates should thrive on challenge, be able to work independently, have strong analytical skills, flexibility and the initiative to execute assigned task in a professional and self-motivated manner.


Visa Sponsorship

J-Global can sponsor “Cultural Activity” visas for internship. Requirements for the visa include that the applicant must be a student (and ideally that the internship is part of their curriculum) and have enough financial support to cover cost of entire stay. If the intern is not a student, J-Global cannot sponsor the visa but can accept other visa types (e.g. working holiday, dependent, etc.). Please find more information on the working holiday program here.



J-Global is a consulting firm seated in the heart of Tokyo. As such, most of the work is conducted at our office in Tokyo or at client offices. Interns will be expected to travel to these sites in addition to our offices. Details will be discussed with prospective interns during the hiring process.


Working Conditions:

Internship Period:

Interns should be able/willing to carry out the internship at J-Global for 5-6 months. Candidates who wish to have a shorter internship period will typically not be considered unless they fit our needs exceptionally.


Interns will be expected to work five days a week. Typical working hours are 09:30 to 17:30, including a one-hour lunch break.


J-Global interns can participate free-of-charge in J-Global networking events, seminars and training workshops (conducted in both English and Japanese). In addition, as J-Global interns routinely attend client meetings they have the opportunity to get in contact with and learn about a variety of large Japanese businesses. Internships are unpaid. 


Interns must have insurance for medical fees, accident, etc. Interns must bring at least one suit (formal clothing when meeting clients) and their own laptop. Interns will have to find accommodation on their own. Interns will be expected to sign, and adhere to, legally binding Non-Disclosure Agreements if/when assigned to work at client offices.



To apply for an internship, please contact us at internship@j-globalgroup.com with a cover letter and CV.