It’s time to J-Globalize your Business

J-Global is creating a better way of doing business for culturally diverse companies based in Japan. Our mission is to help both Japan and the world learn to grow and prosper.

Open webinar series

Online Global Teamwork Skills

All the management and communications skills leaders need to succeed in the online new normal.

Why J-Global?

J-Global helps companies unlock their potential to operate effectively in a mixed Japanese-Global business environment. We are creating a powerful new system of J-Global inter-cultural management and communication skills that combine the strengths of Japan’s team-based work style with fast-paced, competitive global business practices.

With J-Global, an encounter between diverse business cultures is no longer a threat. It’s an opportunity for competitive advantage.

J-Global Services  

Team Talent

Our unique global HR management solution. We provide a flexible team of specialists that can solve complex cross-cultural learning, staff development, other HR management issues.

Live Learning

We offer a suite of active learning face-to-face programs and webinars that help companies master key J-Global skills and practices.

Digital Learning

Large size interactive seminars mix language levels and nationalities provide excellent value whilst effectively driving diverse and cross-functional teamwork

Talent Systems

Action learning in faciltated real projects is relevant practice and drivers high value business improvements

J-Global TeamTalent™ HR staffing solution

Why hire a single HR manager when you can benefit from the skills and experience of J-Global’s team of experts?

No company can succeed globally without an effective system for acquiring, managing and developing the right people. Yet HR talent is in short supply, especially for global HR management positions and projects.

Introducing TeamTalent™, a new approach to HR management staffing. Instead of hiring a single HR manager, contract with J-Global’s team of top-level experts and support staff. We embed in your organization, working hand-in-hand with your HR and line-of-business staff in Japan and globally. Our team together works the equivalent of one or more full-time positions. The difference is that the team is more flexible, with a broader range of skills and levels of expertise. It’s a powerful, agile and cost-effective way to upgrade your global HR capabilities.

Our TeamTalent™  consultants are experts in a broad range of HR functions, including HR IT solutions. We tailor your team to your needs and can quickly reform the team with new talent if your needs change. Our areas of expertise include:

  • HR, business & brand strategy
  • HR management  & operation
  • Talent development & engagement
  • Learning methodologies & program development
  • Global training & communications IT solutions
  • Global & intercultural communications
TeamTalent™ engagements are typically one-year contracts. We can accommodate shorter or longer periods as required.

IIf you are handling global HR in-house but need guidance on how to transform individual country-based HR operations into an aligned global HR system, take advantage of our exclusive GlobalTalent Roadmap™ service.  Contact us.

J-Global LiveLearning™ programs

A more dynamic, engaging and effective way to learn

It takes a special style of learning to master the skills your workforce needs to thrive in today’s global business. Traditional classroom training can pass on information, but it cannot change minds, behaviors, attitudes and cultural competencies.

J-Global has pioneered a new way of learning that is uniquely suited to the requirements of a mixed Japanese-global environment. LiveLearningTM is interactive, engaging, action-oriented, fully bilingual and inter-cultural. Learn the J-Global way in small-group and coaching interactions, seminars and webinars.

The J-Global learning way

Mindset first, then skills:

J-Global mindset training speeds learning enhances retention and boosts performance.

Action learning:

our interactive, peer-to-peer facilitation model brings out the best from all participants by coaching learners to see problems and find solutions on their own. Action-learning emulates real-world practice and stimulates interaction among participants.

Flexible group dynamics:

The J-Global learning model is designed to be effective in large-group and inter-cultural settings. Dual-language presentation makes our seminars suitable for learners with varying levels of language skills.

Custom program design:

We help you create a comprehensive, practice-oriented learning system optimized to deliver maximum results for your organization. Our standard courses can be customized with specialist industry content and company-specific practice modules.

LiveLearning™ programs for Employees

Communication programs

Leadership programs

Success programs

LiveLearning™ programs for Managers

Communication programs

Leadership programs

Success programs

J-Global DigitalLearning™

Intercultural learning in a revolutionary online format

J-Global is introducing our special style of intercultural learning to the fast-growing field of on-line learning. Learn global business and intercultural skills via our MicroLearning Plus approach – a series of flexible blended programs that combine digital learning, community interaction and action learning.

Benefits of the J-Global approach

People who succeed in global business must both master the right business and communications skills and develop a positive, open mindset that such mastery of skills possible. Our MicroLearning Plus programs employ the most effective and productive learning methods to boost your global business capabilities. They help you leverage your current capabilities and cultural strengths while also providing a structured, easy-to-follow path to acquiring and practicing new skills.
J-Global Digital Blended Programs

Our Micro-Learning Plus programs are short, focused ways to boost your mindset and performance capability before starting a major learning or development project.

Global Communications Mindset

Develop confidence and basic cultural competence before learning English or global business communications.

International Leaders Program

Non-Japanese managers learn the basics of Japanese business and communications styles and how to integrate them into an effective intercultural approach before joining a Japanese organization

Global Sales, Marketing and Service

Learn key global sales and marketing practices and client expectations before selling to and serving global customers

Expat Managers Pre-departure Program

Develop intercultural leadership and communications skills before managing global teams overseas.

J-Global TalentSystems

A learning systems approach tailored for a Japan-Global environment

J-Global offers state-of-the-art solutions to manage your learning and talent creation processes on a global scale. Our Learning Management Systems you will be able to:

  • Distribute micro-learning and other e-learning to learners seamlessly and efficiently on any device.
  • Organize and plan your training: plan your face-to-face trainings and seminars, offer e-learning catalogues, schedule coaching session by managers.
  • Manage your training process by monitoring sign-ups, completions, scores, confidence levels, trends, non-activations, drop-outs and high achievement.
  • Use a Dashboard for user, teams, departments, group companies, etc., including relative scores, team comparisons and other gamification methods.
  • Send out reminders or other messages to learners by mail, SMS or other social networks
  • Survey learner satisfaction and solicit ideas for improvement
Talent Management Systems (TMS) currently being developed will allow you to manage the entire talent lifecycle of your staff, including recruiting, performance management, career development, training, performance reviews, and succession planning.

Our TalentSystems services can help you align HR processes across your global network while supporting local standards and compliance requirement. A global HR system will allow you to improve workforce engagement, attract and retain top talent, facilitate mobility within the network and boost worker productivity.

On request, we can provide connections via API to your other HR solutions: payroll, safety monitoring, helpdesk, etc., to fully integrate your entire Human Capital Management system. Our goal is to let you focus on people, not technology.

Meet the Team
Jon James Lynch

Jon James Lynch


Eric Wedemeyer

Eric Wedemeyer

Managing Director

Marc Esteve

Marc Esteve

Talent Systems Director

Andy Cefai

Andy Cefai

Co-Founder and Advisor

Success Stories

This was one of the best seminars I’ve been a part of! Thank you so much!


Airline Company

I never knew each culture was so different, so it was very helpful for me to learn the business culture differences of each country. This is help me improve our sales overseas.

Sales Manager

Car Company

I’ve never seen my employees so happy to participate in a seminar. Your seminars are incredible, and I would love to work with you again!

HR Manager

Banking Corporation

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