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Value Selling Across Cultures     S1

Sell your services at a higher price with more customer satisfaction by showing and delivering unique value.

The problem is Japanese sales tends to be based on building trust in long-term relationships. Global customers often just want quick wins showing clear value and aren’t expecting over-spec quality, or ongoing free support after the sale.
Create new sales methods to show the unique value of a high quality Japanese supplier to global clients.

You helped us get ideas for generating new business while identifying problem areas in our sales process. We were very happy with the output from the engagement and continue to use the concepts you shared with us.

Principal, Data Storage Company

The trainer was wonderful. With simple explanations we did a great variety of activities which were practical and useful for us.

Medical Representative, Pharmaceutical Company

Thank you for covering a great topic I am pretty sure many companies today are facing with similar environment. Our biggest challenge is that our global sales team work on Western/global mindset and framework, but our Japan office is the opposite. Also the people in the Japan office don’t yet have a sales-like mentality.

Business Development Manager, US Logistics Company

The Purpose of this workshop:

■ Increase global revenue by building value selling skills and systems so you can sell more products, at a higher price, to happier customers.

Who is it for?

■ Sales managers and staff who need to increase global sales or innovate their domestic sales methods in Japan

How will participants benefit?

■ Better understanding of non-Japanese customers and sales channels so we can support them better and drive faster, higher sales

■ Ideas to improve our sale skills, processes and tools for selling across cultures, and for domestic markets too.

■ Improved ideas for marketing and sales management, based on better understanding and supporting our customer’s businesses

Workshop Methodology:

■ Share goals and needs, agree workshop open communication style and building solutions together

■ Understand “Our Mixed Business Culture”: why Japanese customers and global customers want different things, and expect different communication styles.

■ Learn “Hybrid” Selling Style (Best of both cultures): How to change our sales and marketing behaviours to bridge cultural gaps, focusing on understanding customers’ business models and showing value

■ J-Global Sales Best Practices: 9 skills and systems used by global salespeople. Discuss how can we apply them 1. globally, 2. in Japan

■ Sales Management Across Cultures: 7 techniques to increase profitable revenue.

■ Value Selling Summary: how to move up the levels from 1. catalog Selling (offering a range of products)  though 2. Solution Selling (offering combinations of products and services, up to 3. Value selling (helping customers profitably achieve their goals)

■ Finally create sales improvement plans in teams, based on today’s learnings.

Program highlights

■ Understand global needs and improve our selling skills based on our unique situation

■ Discuss and agree ways to achieve sales and sales management goals, based on our own ideas.

■ See business from our customers’ viewpoint and plan how to help them achieve their targets, and improve our communication and processes.

Facilitation Agenda: Half day Seminar (4 hours)


13:00 Our Mixed Business Culture Global Communication 1. Peer to peer (P2P) learning & leadership,
2. Open Communication,
3. Global “Omotenashi” Service
Global vs Japanese selling styles 1. Global Selling and Brand Thinking,
2. Trust in Business Culture,
3. Low and High Context Understanding,
4. Need for Explaining ROI
Marketing Across Cultures 1. Global Customer Thinking,
2. Reasons to buy: Japan vs Global,
3. Strategic Planning,
4. Global Brand strategy      à Improvements for our team (Discussion) <Break: 10 minutes>
14:10 Hybrid Selling Style (Best of both cultures) J-Global Sales

Best Practices

1. Solution Selling,
2. Sell to Decision-makers,
3. Buyer Decision Process,
4. Customer Decision Acceleration,
5. Customer Lifetime Value,
6. Unique Benefits and Evidence,
7. Case Studies & Testimonials,
8. Partnership selling,
9. Ask for Referrals    à Improvements for our team (Discussion)
Sales Management Across Cultures 1. Hunter-Farmer Sales Problem,
2. Selling Across Cultures,
3. ROI Explaining Techniques,
4. Help the world!,
5. Show your value! (global pattern),
6. Customer Value,
7. Segment by Interest/Needs:    <Break: 10 minutes>
15:40 Value Selling Rise up the 3 Levels of Selling 1. Case study and discussion.,
2. Increase our selling level (i. Catalog Selling à  ii. Solution Selling, à iii. Value selling)
Consultative Selling 1. Value selling and Profit Improvement Plans (PIP),
2.  Simulation
16:40 Summary Wrap up of learnings Our sales improvement team plans.  (P2P leadership roles)


Sample Program Slides

Competitors’ thinking is different

Buyers’ concerns are different

Buyers must clearly see value





Program design by Jon James Lynch and J-Global facilitators. Copyright K.K. J-Global 2018. All rights reserved