J-Global Intercultural Programs –

For Employees

Learn 20 rules for open communication – and become motivated to learn English faster and smarter, and join confidently in English discussions in intercultural business situations, using English you know.

Get your whole organization to embrace English global business communication. Via a short, open seminar for all staff, create a positive attitude towards speaking and learning English. Help everyone feel motivated to speak English – instead of embarrassed or fearful.

Build motivation of new English learners to study English so they don’t drop out, and can find their best ways to self-study. Build a confident “English Personality” via simple, fun activities and role-plays to practice useful global business communication skills.

Enjoy mid-level business English communication tasks, get motivated for learning and engage more often and effectively in real global workplace situations. Learn an intercultural approach to common global communication situations such as presenting, meetings, writing and negotiation.

Have fun and increase motivation learning English while socializing in a relaxing environment of short, mealtime seminars – without taking up work time. Optionally discuss real business topics, to increase participants’ confidence, creativity and teamwork using English to support the company.

Ensure naiteisha future-hires get great English communication training to prepare for global work, and  enjoy meeting their dohki co-workers. It binds them to your company, making them more likely to continue and become effective employees. Training includes fun, practical role plays, and links to a later post-hiring seminar.

Build motivation of newly-hired Low-mid level English learners and build confidence via practical, simple, fun activities and roleplays. Get motivated for business English learning so they don’t drop out, and can find their best ways to continue ongoing self study.

Quickly learn and adapt to Japanese co-workers and manager’s expectations and communication style via role-plays. New hires get confidence and motivation to find own solutions. We analyze common issues and cultural reasons and practice successful behaviours in role-plays.

Join and get excitement and understanding about building global career skills including English and intercultural communication skills. Ensure freshmen have positive growth mindset, understand non-Japanese, and are interested to work for your organization as its operations become ever more global.

Build confident communication skill and motivation for your English speaking global career in all types of upcoming real business situations. Keep and develop our new hires fast by offering positive challenges that show the meaning and fun of global business.

Build key global communication skills in a series of interrelated creative activities. Support future global leaders to complete their English study programs with high motivation and changing their behavior for global success in key situations such as presentations or meetings.

Strengthen your base for global communication, innovation, and skills- learning. Move your managers and staff from a conservative, domestic mindset, to a new positive global style taking responsibility for innovation and developing their own skills.

Talk clearly, persuasively and positively in presentations, meetings, events and ‘selling’ situations with global counterparts. Succeed when you’re proposing an idea or a product, asking for support or collaboration.

Make global meetings and teleconferences into more energizing, motivating occasions to build teamwork and effective planning, and build confidence communicating in English. Exchange information and motivate successful actions in effective global team discussions

Negotiate at global speed using clear, friendly, persuasive techniques to reach win-win solutions. Create a better intercultural negotiation mindset, skills and process to improve our global business results.

Create better business outcomes by writing English in a clear, persuasive global style. Write effective English emails, reports and presentations so global stakeholders approve your ideas, support you and take action.

Overseas assignees learn about their destination area from an intercultural perspective: how to communicate effectively, motivate and manage staff or influence customers and partners. We analyze cultural gaps in cases, and act out role-plays for success in region: such as China, Germany, India or ASEAN.

Become a more confident leader and clear communicator who can understand and motivate global stakeholders to be successful together. Know how Japan’s team-based, “high context,” Confucian working style is misunderstood by global counterparts, and make an effective hybrid style.

Increase motivation, retention, promotion of non-Japanese working under Japanese managers after first year. Coordinate own projects with Japanese members, whilst understanding their managers’ expectations, coaching, confirming and reporting effectively for Japan’s team-based work style.

Support new non-Japanese or overseas Japanese to understand their new team-based working environment and market counterparts when they join Japanese organizations as managers, researchers or other senior positions. Learn intercultural frameworks analyze typical issues, then roleplay success.

Sell your services at a higher price with more customer satisfaction by showing and delivering unique value. Combine your company’s global and local team resources to increase profitable revenue by creating value selling tools for local markets.

Adapt your message and offering to each local market’s needs, to increase our unique selling power globally. Understand cultural differences in how overseas customers perceive value and understand our communication. Learn marketing techniques and best practices for global and local success.

Provide highly valued service to diverse clients by understanding cultural gaps, asking needs and hearing feedback. Bridge key differences between Japanese and global hospitality, including levels of formality, how we make people feel comfortable, share information, and discuss what we want.

Improve teamwork and quality with global vendors and supplier by communicating effectively and using clearer shared processes. Understand basics of working effectively, including contract negotiation, onboarding and performance management to ensure optimum service delivery.

Provide a help desk to support happier employees making faster global business success. Daily ongoing bilingual support for Japanese companies and departments dealing with intercultural and diversity issues – so they have a coach to listen, offer advice, and help you develop best practice ideas for managing a diverse workforce, doing operations or selling across cultures.