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Exchange information and motivate successful actions in effective global team discussions

The problem is Japanese are not used to chairing or participating in interactive diverse meetings…

Join and learn a J-global meeting style which creates effective results with good communication…

I had a really good time and shared ideas with other members and your workshop was AMAZING! Before I was too shy to talk in front of people but now I think that participating in discussion as a chair and other roles is very helpful for work!

Sales Representative, Hospitality Company

Since I am sometimes still struggling for communicating with overseas members via teleconference, your advice is clear, beneficial and helpful. And to let them know our Japanese culture or market is necessary too.

Administration Coordinator, Retail Company

Our meetings were not comfortable with engineers in US, Germany and China. I need to keep saying clear object or schedule, otherwise, they stop working. Even if they haven’t  accomplished tasks yet, they start talking about different topics. Now I know chair method and to talk clearly to match their lower context culture –sharing goals, benefits, and team roles.

Sales Engineer, Machine Tools Maker

The Purpose of this workshop:

■ Make global meetings and teleconferences into more energizing, motivating occasions to build teamwork and effective planning, and build confidence communicating in English.

Who is it for?

■ Japanese managers and staff who talk with overseas stakeholders, now or in future.

How will participants benefit?

■ Participate effectively and interactively even when English is difficult to understand, or if you can’t quickly think of ideas.

■ Chair effectively so everyone can share ideas and agree action clearly

Do effective global problem-solving and project management discussion based on real cases in your company

Workshop Methodology

■ Create real cases in your company for discussion and decision making as “action learning”

■ Practice skills for motivating meetings:

■ Global and hybrid meeting style

■ Actively participating in discussion (opinions, interrupting, discussing, summarizing, deciding)

■ Give mini-presentations and decide effective outcomes

■ Learn video- and tele-conference best practices

■ Clear Planning and Roles

■ Building positive relationships

■ Virtual communication and follow-up

■ Chair meetings effectively

■ Facilitation roles (chair, time-keeper, note-taker)

■ Problem-solving and brainstorming

■ Run as one day, half-day or lunchtime sessions

Program highlights

■ Promote fuller participation via clear agenda, rotating roles of chair, note-taker and timekeeper, and using pair work and micro-presentations.

■ Hold language timeouts, and use a mix of information sharing, innovating, or deciding styles to get the best  results from culturally diverse meetings. Ensure effective follow up activity by clarifying actions, owners and milestones.

Facilitation Agenda


Time Topic Details
9:00 A) SET-UP 1. Introductions,
2. Review of Global English
1. Workshop goals,
2. Leadership in meetings,
3. Your company’s style: debate,
4. J-Global model
1. Eye contact,
2. Smile,
3. Names,
4. Socializing,
5. Body language
1. Interrupting,
2. Challenge,
3, Active participation, Confidence
Low context:
1. The Purpose of this workshop,
2. Agenda,
3. Discussion management,
4. Conclusions         <Break> (10 mins)
10:40 C) FUNCTIONAL SKILLS 1) Mini-Presentation Skills:
1. Clear,
2. Persuasive,
3. Physical Skills
2) Facilitation Skills:
1. Meetings,
2. Goal-setting,
3. Brainstorming,
4. Problem-solving
5. Video- and tele-conference skills<Lunch> (60 mins)
13:00 3) Participation Skills:
1. Review dimensions and language,
2. Mad Discussions debating contest.                 <Break> (10 mins)
14:30 D) SIMULATIONS Review of all Meeting skills: *Diversity Inc. Assignment roleplay
Change agent consulting:
1. Concept,
2. Meeting set-up,
3. Internal meeting                                                 <Break> (10 mins)
15:55 E) WRAP UP Today’s learning points:  Fix whiteboard issues
Personal Plan /
Review: 1. Personal Email Goals,
2. Your issues/questions
Personal Plan:
1. What did you learn today?
2. Stop Start Continue,
3. Homework                                          <17:00 Close>


Sample Program Slides

Learn different meeting styles

Evaluate own discussion culture

Create “best-mix” meeting style





Program design by Jon James Lynch and J-Global facilitators. Copyright K.K. J-Global 2018. All rights reserved