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Growth Mindset and Career                              L1
Success Intercultural Workshop

Strengthened base for Innovation, Global Communication, Skills- Learning

The problem is Japanese managers and staff can be conservative, resisting change.  So diverse teams are unhappy, and globally we have low staff retention and lost business chances.

Join and build positive global mindset, and desire to improve own skills to provide synergy and value to enact our organization’s global business strategy .

Your workshop was useful for my future career. I got to know more about good and bad points of culture differences and working styles, which can help me to take more effective and rational actions according to our corporate culture.

Software Developper, Medical Equipment Manufacturer

Thank you for the coaching session. It was very useful since I wouldn’t be able to make my time to think about my vision that deeply otherwise.

Booking Agent, Travelling Agency

I had tried removing bad habits before. But didn’t consider about replacing them with good habits, and considering the benefits carefully. I realized this is the right way. Thank you for a nice seminar!

Business Development Manager, Consulting Company

The Purpose of this workshop:

■ Move your managers and staff from a conservative, domestic mindset, to a new positive global style taking responsibility for innovation and developing their own skills

Who is it for?

■ Domestic managers and staff who may need to become involved with non-Japanese staff or overseas global business. (Global experienced staff can also benefit from joining)

How will participants benefit?

■ By developing growth mindset first, staff are ready to accept the new corporate vision, mission and culture, learn languages, intercultural leadership and other global skills with speed and motivation.

■ Make a clear plan for career and personal growth – start executing immediately

Workshop Methodology

■ Confirm vision, goals to achieve, gaps to overcome to be successful in current business role.

■ Understand new frameworks by discussing cases, and interactively sharing ideas

■ Learn how to increase focus on effort and learning, to move from “fixed mindset” (which causes stress and avoidance of challenges) to “growth mindset” (which encourages enjoyment of learning, sees mistakes as feedback and promotes confident action)

■ Learn ”appreciative inquiry” techniques to build on strengths and focus on goals, instead of worrying about weaknesses and problems.

■ Learn how to adopt best practices by transforming unwanted old habits into empowering new habits

Program highlights

■ Understand goals and personal change required and feel confident of success

■ Increase participants positive risk-taking and confident learning, in order to build new skills, and develop new habits so they can successfully change themselves and their organization.

■ Feel positive about learning new skills and adopting new habits.

Scientifically proven habit change method 



Facilitation Agenda


Time Item Description
09:00 Orientation 1. The Purpose of this workshop, introductions. 2. Open communication. 3. Personal goals
09:30 Growth Mindset 1. Growth and Fixed Mindset Research.  2. How Change to Growth Mindset?
10:40 Positive Mindset 1. Growing your strengths 2. Appreciative Inquiry: Inspiring Yourself
13:00 Shared Direction 1. Our Company Way, mission, values, working style.  2. company and department’s strategy and cascading goals., 3. Team-building & Project Management. 4. Imagine staff’s needs
14:30 Performance management 1. Hear needs: Survey/Interactive goal setting, 2. Give feedback positively (Role play)
16:00 Facilitating diverse meetings 1. “Start with Why.” 2. Chair meeting: ”How to manage our foreign staff”. 3. Discuss & agree.
16:40 Planning my 1-1 meetings 1. Plan goals, content, structure, 2. Practice role-play .   (Finish 17:00)

Sample Program Slides

Communicate via positive words

Focus on strengths and goals

Praise effort for new challenges





Program design by Jon James Lynch and J-Global facilitators. Copyright K.K. J-Global 2018. All rights reserved