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Positive Global English            C50 Communication  

(Mindset, Meetings, Presentations Package)

Build key communication skills in a series of interrelated creative activities

The problem is although our organization plans to expand global business we don’t have enough people ready and willing to communicate in English…

Hold this seminar for all employees and many will feel positive about English and clear about why its important to learn intercultural communication skills and change our behavior for global success…

Yesterday’s seminar brought a new way of thinking for me and I learned a lot. I thought Jon was a wonderful person who understood the way of thinking of Westerners and Japanese people. I also want to absorb the good part of Western people’s way of thinking.

Researcher, Telecommunication Company

I had a great time at the seminar, and learned a lot from it. What is I am sure about now is that I would like to work with many people from different countries and backgrounds. 

Legal Advisor, Pharmaceutical Company

Thank you for today’s program! Your teaching method was great especially for Japanese, and because of this, I think everyone was enjoying to join the debate. Also It was a good opportunity to think about my career path.

Service Manager, Logistics Company

The Purpose of this workshop:

■ Support future global leaders to complete their English study programs with high motivation and improved global communication skill. Also support other employees with global needs

Who is it for?

■ 20-30 future global leaders (aged mid-20s to mid-30s)

How will participants benefit?

■ Feel motivated to try speaking English, and excited they have enough basic skill to start the journey

■ Get a clear idea of how to adjust their behavior for global business

■ See personal and organizational advantages for getting involved in global business

Workshop Methodology

■ One day seminar. Or series of 3 x 2 hour afternoon or evening seminars (Example: 18:00-20:00 plus optional party)

■ Combines three different programs to practice key skills

Facilitation Agenda

Session 1: Build Your Global Business English Communication Power  (16 Rules of Global English Mindset)

1 Introduction Intercultural Communication: Seminar Behaviour 15
2 Open Communication Rules
1. Smile,
2. Open body language,
3. No silence,
4. Eye contact
3 Persuasive Rules
5. Clear,
6. Persuasive,
7. Positive Attitude,
8. Confidence
4 Thinking Rule
9. Speed learning,
10. Interact,
11. Think in English,
12. Say it many ways
5 Discussion 13. Think while speaking,
14. Control the conversation,
15. Participate,
16. Interrupt
6 Wrap-up Assignment: Prepare 2 minute vocal-only presentation about your unusual hobby. 5


Session 2: Global Presentation Physical Skills & Meeting Participation Skills


1 Introductions & Goals Communication rules & Pair check 20
2 Presentation Culture * Compare cultures, best mix,
* Presentation 1: “My Unusual hobby” – Baseline  (in groups of three). Video, Feedback,
*Culture tendencies: Socratic, low context, informal
3 Meetings: Participation * Meeting 1: Analyze and discuss: “Which hobby is best?”,
*Presentation 2: “My Job” – Benefits  (in groups of three). Video, Positive Sandwich, Feedback
4 Presentation “Physical Skills” * Eyes, voice, gesture,
* Presentation 3 (2 minutes, new pairs) “Global Meeting Skills” OR “Global Presentation Skills”
5 Meetings: Participation * Interruption skills, * Discuss (Groups of 4. Agenda:  Summary of Global Communication Skills.
1. “Global Meeting Skills”,
2. “Global Presentation Skills” Everybody speaks.
6 Wrap-up Assignments: “Review”:
1. compare your videos!
2. Presentation Cultural Styles. “Thinking”:  ‘How make our company more global”.


Session 3: Global Presentation Persuasive Structure & Meeting Facilitation Skills


1 Introductions & Goals Communication rules & Pair check 10
2 Meetings: Facilitation * Summary of global meeting participation best practices.
* Global meeting style: Role of the Chair.
* Meeting 1: Discuss (New groups of 4. Agenda:  “How can we make our company more global?”  Choose one topic per group:
A. Hiring more non-Japanese,
B. Using English,
C. Meeting style,
D. Training style,
E. Management style (team roles, instructions, evaluations, promotion).
F. Work-Life Balance)  Decide chair, notetaker, timekeeper. Everybody speaks.  Report highest priority topics
3 Presentations: Logical persuasive Style * Prepare Presentation 1 to individually show to other groups.
* Global Organization patterns.
* Q&A Skills
* Meeting 2 (Including “Presentation 1” by each group member) Members create mixed groups: report to each other about topics 1-6. Mixed presentation then Q&A. Check each others meanings. Finally: Decide priority from top to least.
* Feedback: check group, role and participant performance
4 Wrap up Presentation 2:  Recommendations for A) Chairing global meetings
B) Making persuasive presentations

Sample Program Slides

Learn Global English Mindset rules

Make persuasive presentations

Practice interrupting, idea-sharing





Program design by Jon James Lynch and J-Global facilitators. Copyright K.K. J-Global 2018. All rights reserved