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Action Learning Lunch/            C5
Breakfast Series

Have fun learning English while socializing in a relaxing environment without taking up much work time

The problem is Japanese often feel English must be formal, serious and correct, so they may miss enjoying business socializing even though it builds communication skill, and global teamwork.

Hold seminars while participants relax at meals and enjoy relaxed, friendly talking and learning.

It was very pleasant time to participate in your breakfast class. It was relaxing and inspiring. From today, I will make a habit to think in English 5 minutes a day!

Finance Department Staff, Cosmetics Company

What you told me at the seminar was really helpful. I participated in your seminar just for the TOEIC test, but it affected me farther more.

Designer, Engineering Company

Thank you for your interesting seminar. I felt that I have to learn English more, I mean have to use (especially output) more. I would like to improve my English skill and use in the global business scene.

HR Coordinator, Fine Chemical Manufacturer

The Purpose of this workshop:

■ Increase ability, motivation and enjoyment for planning and growing own English communication skill learning via short, mealtime seminars

■ Optionally discuss real business topics, to increase participants’ confidence, creativity and teamwork using English to do their jobs and support the whole company more effectively

Who is it for?

■ Members of all departments and varying language levels who are too busy to study English during worktime, or need more active learning chances.

How will participants benefit?

■ Build skills in the training topics, such as Global English Mindset, intercultural leadership, global meeting or presentation techniques.

■ Discuss and find solutions to shared company issues, whilst improving cross-functional teamwork, all whilst practicing English.

■ Relax and enjoy English speaking and global communication skills so that learning motivation increases.

Workshop Methodology:

■ This seminar type takes place in a series of short (45 minute – 90 minute) sessions, in a mealtime space, with refreshments provided, and wide applications of participants accepted. Pre-booking, or just-show-up can both work, depending on if the food, drink and space can be flexibly provided (such as company cafeteria or a café) or must be pre-ordered (such as lunchboxes in a meeting room). Sessions can be daily, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly depending on company needs.

■ There are two versions of this seminar type

A) Study any fun training topic (such as Global English Mindset, or Meeting skills) divided into a series of short sessions. Discussion topics are short and based on pair or group conversations

B) Leaders of different departments each share a challenging topic (background, problem, considerations) via video interview and document – and ask whole company for help to brainstorm original solution options. Best ideas are executed. Success reported back.

Program highlights

■ Increase participants’ confidence, creativity and collaboration using English to do their jobs and support the whole company more effectively

■ Build many types of global communication and leadership skill at the same time.

■ Focus on one topic and one new skill each time

Type A: Breakfast (Global English Mindset)


07:45 Orientation Purpose, goals, introductions.
08:45 Global English Mindset part 1: Open Communication Open, friendly “English personality.” . (Rules:  1  Smile,
2  Open body language,
3  No silence,
4  Eye contact)
08:45 Discussion “How can we increase global teamwork in our company?” (Brainstorm, share)
08:40 Wrap-up Review useful ideas. <Finish 08:45>


Type B: Lunch  (Real business topics)


12:00 Orientation Purpose, goals, introductions.
12:15 Today’s skill: Presentation Positive body language.  Main point + 3 reasons/benefits
12:35 Meeting start Confirm roles (Chair, Note-taker, Time-keeper, Summarizer etc.). Chair confirms topic, purpose.
12:40 Background Topic check (Video, documents)
12:50 Brainstorm Post-is, Pair discussion à Group share
13:00 Conclude Discuss, summarize, prioritize. (Record ideas)
13:10 Wrap-up Learnings, Skill feedback. <Finish 13:15>


Type B: Facilitation Topics (Real business topics example)


1 Strategic Planning How make our new 5 year plan more clear to all staff? Open communication
2 HR How improve our organization’s English learning? Active Participation in a meeting
3 Marketing How make our global website more effective? Controlling the conversation
4 R&D How improve global research information exchange? Teleconference Participation
5 Global Sales How increase our channel selling revenue in Asia? Presentation
6 General Affairs / IT How improve global online team planning and document sharing? Growth Mindset
7 Quality Assurance How make our CSR program more attractive to stakeholders Chairing a meeting
8 Customer Service How reduce cost and increase effectiveness of overseas technical support Brainstorming
9 Technical training How to improve training of overseas engineers and technical support staff Q&A
10 Purchasing How can we speed up and reduce costs? Appreciative Listening

Sample Program Slides

Create ’global’ culture space, mood

Discuss/brainstorm real issues

Create action plans, start executing





Program design by Jon James Lynch and J-Global facilitators. Copyright K.K. J-Global 2018. All rights reserved