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Intermediate-                                C4

How to Learn English for Global Success

Build motivation of new English learners

The problem is that mid-level speakers avoid English use and study, because they don’t appreciate the intercultural difference…

Enjoy mid-level business English communication tasks and get motivated for learning.

I think that your lecture was great and fun. I thought that I had better learn English continuously to communicate with other people more smoothly. And. It’s good opportunity to enhance skill and knowledge.

Sales Consultant, Chemical Manufacturer

The value you offer is not only vaguely business English, but you cover various topics that Japanese people typically struggle to learn. This is more hands-on and effect-oriented than typical English schools. And your class was not Japanified. That’s what I really like the most.

Business Development Manager, Real Estate Company

Thank you for a valuable and enjoyable seminar.

Differences of business style between Japanese and Western was so impressive. I’ve just started trying to get my career goal clear.

Project Manager, Energy Company

The Purpose of this workshop:

■ Help employees stay motivated for English learning programs, and to engage more often and effectively in real workplace global communication situations

Who is it for?

■ Mid-high level English skill employees starting or continuing English study programs

How will participants benefit?

■ Enjoy studying and communicating in English more – so they don’t drop out of new English training programs

■ Take an intercultural approach to common global communication situations such as presenting, meetings, writing and negotiation.

Workshop Methodology

■ See reasons to switch to “global communication style” and plan own motivating learning goals

■ Get a quick understanding of intercultural business differences between Japan and the world and know how to build an ”English personality”

■ Enjoy a short motivating practice of some common communication skill situations (such as presentation) – enough to think about how to adjust to global style, and want to study it more by self or in another program.

■ Practice activities can be customized for your company.

Program highlights

■ Improve presenting: , meetings, writing and negotiation.

■ In just 2 or 3 hours, feel more confident and motivated to use English in own work, because each activity is simple, with clear intercultural communication advice and practice.

■ Can be used as a follow-up program after “20 Rules of Global English Mindset”

Facilitation Agenda


18:00 Orientation (seminar room mindset) The Purpose of this workshop, goals, introductions. Switching to Global communication
18:10 Quick introduction to intercultural communication Build own motivation and goals for English learning and communication
18:20 Understand need for and basic skills of intercultural communication
19:00 Quick practice of intercultural skills in common business situations Meetings: how to participate actively, including interrupting to say own ideas
19:15 Presentations: how to look confident and say clear main points
19:30 Negotiation:  how to check needs and propose win-win action with benefits that match needs
19:40 Email: how to be clear and persuasive, by focusing on the global reader’s needs
19:50 Study advice Learn ways in Japan to practice English that match own needs and interests
19:55 Wrap up Discuss own learnings and next actions to study English more effectively (Finish 20:00)

Sample Program Slides

Create own English “dream” goals

Enjoy practicing skill situations

Use intercultural skills confidently





Program design by Jon James Lynch and J-Global facilitators. Copyright K.K. J-Global 2018. All rights reserved