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How to Learn English for Global Success

Build motivation of new English learners

The problem is that most Japanese employees are not confident and are unsure how to develop their English skills in the workplace…

Join and get motivated for business English learning…

Today’ global business English course was very exciting. Every day we would like to practice a little more.

Trainer, Cosmetics Company

Your class was such wonderful opportunity and I totally enjoyed English conversation!  And your advice encouraged me so much to request to do more international work.

Supervisor, Construction company

Thank you very much for giving a great lecture. I will carry out the learning method from today. I had a pleasant and meaningful time. Although I can not talk, by participating thinking about talking, I was able to break up the problems in myself.

Systems Engineer, Office Automation Company

The Purpose of this workshop:

■ Get employees motivated to study English  so they don’t drop out, and can find their best ways to self-study

Who is it for?

■ Low-mid English level freshmen, or employees starting English study programs who may lack confidence or motivation

How will participants benefit?

■ Enjoy using English and realize they just need an English personality and to communicate

■ Build confidence via simple, fun activities and role-plays to practice useful global business communication skills.

■ Make an English study commitment and plan

Workshop Methodology

■ Understand English personality, and practice some basic intercultural communication skills such as open body language, and interactive discussion.

■ Know how native English speakers emphasize key words, and how writing summarizes in paragraphs and headings, so we can understand basic meaning even if we don’t know half the words – and

■ Do controlled activities which benefit all levels of English speaker, with self-contained vocabulary and communication patterns.

Program highlights

■ In just two hours, enjoy speaking and understanding simple English.

■ Start by creating own clear positive goals.

■ Learn hints for English speed learning, and finished motivated to study more.

Facilitation Agenda


18:00 Orientation (seminar room mindset) The Purpose of this workshop, goals, introductions. Switching to Global communication
18:15 Quick introduction to intercultural communication Build own motivation and goals for English learning and communication
18:30 Understand need for and basic skills of intercultural communication
18:50 LANGUAGE SPEED LEARNING How studied English until now? Sharing best practice ideas
18:55 Vocabulary:  learn what matches your goals, English-English practicing and remembering
19:05 Listening + Pronunciation: learn how native speakers use vocal variation to show meaning and hear key ideas, practice this, try “shadowing” technique
19:25 Reading: learn how “low context” English documents allow speed-reading to achieve business The Purpose of this workshop without knowing or reading all the words.
19:35 Grammar: learn how to say own idea multiple ways and memorize natural long phrases, instead of formally studying grammar
19:40 Study advice Create own study plan. Learn ways in Japan to practice English that match own needs and interests
19:55 Wrap up Discuss own learnings and next actions to study English more effectively   <Finish 20:00>

Sample Program Slides

Switch to “English personality”

Increase English learning speed

Find own best English study style





Program design by Jon James Lynch and J-Global facilitators. Copyright K.K. J-Global 2018. All rights reserved