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Global English Mindset & Business action learning

Freshmen training

Build confident communication skill and motivation for your English speaking global career

The problem is our new hires may lose motivation, quit, or not be ready for real global business situations…

Join and build English communication skills for all types of coming business situations, having fun challenging in real activities. Action learning helps build and practice skills without boring theory lectures.

It was easy to catch the instructor’s English, and the lecture was also easy to understand.” Although I thought everyone would feel embarrassed when they talk in English, the instructor broke the wall of embarrassment.

New hire, camera maker

Thank you very much. Your seminar was very interesting. My level of English is low, so I continue to read & listen & speak & write in English!

New hire, Medical Equipment Company

Thank you for your seminar. I learned about English skill, also differences between Japanese culture and other countries. I would like to work in global business in the future

New hire, Printing company

The Purpose of this workshop:

■ Keep and develop our new hires fast by offering positive challenges that show the meaning and fun of global business

Who is it for?

■ All Japanese and non-Japanese new hires. (2nd and 3rd year hires also welcome)

■ Our global coaches from around the world as facilitators, including interns from common business partner countries such as India, Thailand, Indonesia and China, USA.

How will participants benefit?

■ Have an exciting day of thinking for selves, contests and realistic roleplays.

■ Naturally learn English study skills and positive intercultural mindset without even realize they are studying.

Workshop Methodology

■ Learn and experience techniques to communicate effectively with diverse global people who may have different backgrounds, values and communication styles

■ Discuss differences between typical Japanese team-based working styles, global segmental systems, and our company culture.

■ Practice the techniques during activities that support or simulate the stages of the overseas training assignment. (Practice activities can be customized for your company.) Work with our facilitators who know the target countries.

Program highlights

■ Each participant has a strong base to make the most of future global business and language learning opportunities, and be positive about starting global business communication.

■ Have created a strong, flexible plan and execution skills to maximize learnings and positive outcomes from the overseas training assignment using inclusive global teamwork.

Facilitation Agenda

9:00 Orientation (seminar room mindset) The Purpose of this workshop, goals, introductions. Switching to Global communication
9:10 Quick introduction to intercultural communication Build own motivation and goals for English learning and communication
10:40 Understand need for and basic skills of intercultural communication
13:00 Quick practice of intercultural skills in common business situations Meetings: how to participate actively, including interrupting to say own ideas
14:40 Presentations: how to look confident and say clear main points
16:20 Negotiation:  how to check needs and propose win-win action with benefits that match needs
17:20 Email: how to be clear and persuasive, by focusing on the global reader’s needs

Sample Program Slides

Create own English “dream” goals

Enjoy practicing skill situations

Use intercultural skills confidently

Sample Program Slides

Create own English “dream” goals

Enjoy practicing skill situations

Use intercultural skills confidently

Program design by Jon James Lynch and J-Global facilitators. Copyright K.K. J-Global 2018. All rights reserved