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Intercultural & English Learning – 

Freshman Training

Build motivation for English speaking global career

The problem is new hires are not all self-motivated for English learning or embracing global career chances

Join and get excitement and understanding about building skills for a global career including English and intercultural communication skills

Your program was very fun and interesting for me, and makes me study harder (hopefully…). 

I will be a “global leader”, in the not so far future. 

New Hire, Marketing Car Manufacturer

Your seminar was very useful and interesting especially the difference meeting, presentation, between Japan and foreign company.

Administration Coordinator, Technology Company

Thank you for an interesting lecture. I was very encouraged by the words you said, especially “don’t be afraid of making mistakes using English”. I lived overseas, but that was 10 years ago, so to be honest, I’m not confident using English.

New Hire Staff Writer, Media Company

The Purpose of this workshop:

■ Ensure freshmen have positive growth mindset, understand non-Japanese, are interested to learn English and have a career in global business – ready to work for your organization as its operations become ever more global.

Who is it for?

■ All Japanese and non-Japanese new hires. (2nd and 3rd year hires also welcome)

How will participants benefit?

■ Get participants excited to do global business and motivated to study English

■ Practice techniques to become confident, learn English fast and keep studying

■ Be ready to talk with global stakeholders face to face, by phone or email

Workshop Methodology

■ We offer an interactive 2-3 hour seminar or full day seminar which all have bilingual slides, bilingual text and fun group activities for mixed English levels

■ 2 hour version has simple “open communication” plus custom activities.

■ 3 hour version has “Global English Mindset” plus speed learning and custom activities

■ Practice activities can be customized for your company.



Communication Speed Learning Pair Practice Large group Interactive Success Frameworks
2 hours Open


Vocabulary, listening, pronunciation, reading, practice in Japan. Self study advice Using English at work (mini-roleplays)
3 hours
4 hours Global English Mindset 20 rules Corporate Mad Discussions

(fun business meeting contest)

1 day Growth Mindset, Case studies, Presentations,

Program highlights

■ Building Growth mindset provides the most basic skill needed for learning and career success.

■ Corporate mad discussions teaches the fun of global style creative business brainstorming, thinking about own company’s special points, and confident interactive speaking in ever larger groups.

■ Enjoying trying new activities in a relaxed atmosphere builds confidence.

Facilitation Agenda
(Full day version)

Time Training Area Details
09:00 Orientation 1. Purpose, goals, introductions. 2. My mission,
3. Open communication.
09:20 Global English Mindset Open Communication Open, friendly “English personality.” .
(Rules:  1  Smile,
2  Open body language,
3  No silence,
4  Eye contact)
09:50 Persuasive Influence global counterparts (Rules:
5.  Clear,
6.  Persuasive,
7.  Positive Attitude,
8.  Confidence )
10:15 Think in English Use English you already know (Rules:
9.  Speed learning,
10.  Interact,
11.  Think in English,
12.  Say it many ways)<“English Personality” break 10 minutes>
10:40 Discussion Interrupt, check & respond quickly with key point
(Rules: 13. Think while speaking,
14.  Control the conversation,
15.  Participate,
16.  Interrupt .  Corporate Mad Discussions activity)
11:30 Presenting Say your main point clearly
17.  Friendly,
18.  Gestures,
19.  Front-load,
20.  Signal)
12:00 <“English personality” Lunch >
13:00 Success in our Company Large Group Discussion Skills Corporate Mad Discussions: Fun business meeting – idea debate tournament.


14:00 Growth Mindset, Positive mindset for planning our career, learning skills.
15:00 Intercultural Communication Global business case studies, solution discussions, role plays .


16:00 Presentations, Small group presentations about our learnings today.
16:50 Wrap-up Review useful ideas. My English study plan

Sample Program Slides

Use low context communication

Switch thinking from Japanese

Practice global meeting style





Program design by Jon James Lynch and J-Global facilitators. Copyright K.K. J-Global 2018. All rights reserved