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We love English!                             C2

(Positive Mindset)

Get your whole organization ready to positively embrace English global business communication

The problem: although we plan to expand our global business, our organization doesn’t have enough people who are ready and willing to communicate in English.

This seminar will help all employees

✓ Develop a positive attitude about English
✓ Learn intercultural communication skills
✓ Understand why we must change our behavior to achieve global success.

Thank you so much for your excellent seminar. After that I have changed my mind for talking to English native speakers. I find that the ‘Japanese’ mind prevented me from speaking English so much. Now I want to train English more and more.

Systems Engineer, SI Company

Thank you so much. Your seminar was so fun. Before seminar, I don’t like English. Now, I want to try something and study English!!!

Office Clerk, Airline group company

Your seminar was definitely helpful and fun to me. Now I want to use English or be involved in international business.

Leasing Agent, Real Estate Company

The Purpose of this workshop:

■ Create a positive attitude towards speaking and learning English. Help everyone feel motivated to speak English – instead of embarrassed or fearful.

Who is it for?

■ All staff (domestic and global, all levels

How will participants benefit?

■ Feel comfortable and motivated to interact in English – often for the first time.

■ Break down the barriers that have been preventing them from speaking English. Discover that they already have enough basic skill to communicate effectively.

■ Understand how to adjust their behavior for a global environment

■ See the personal and organizational advantages in getting involved in global business

Workshop Methodology

■ Minimum 30 minute interactive lecture, or 10 minute speech at next major all company staff meeting:

■ Everyone participates. Interactive format allow participants to talk in constantly changing pairs or groups of four.

■ Fully bilingual presentation with English and Japanese screens, bilingual text and facilitation.i

■ Simple, clear ideas and fun activities create big changes in attitude in a short time.

Program highlights

■ Bilingual intercultural introduction to English communication: Includes six rules from 20 Rules of Global English Mindset. All activities contain enough vocabulary for even very low level English speakers to join the activities.

■ Positive ideas and evidence come from participants themselves so the message is convincing. Participants finish by cheering in response to our questions: Do you love English? “YES!”  Are you going to study English hard?  “YES!”

■ The program creates permanent changes in behavior and builds the foundation for successful language learning going forward.

Facilitation Agenda


Introduction Open Communication Friendly, clear, persuasive “English personality” 4
Global English Mindset Selected rules  Smile Facing each other positively 3
 Open body language Handshake and positive posture 5
No Silence Answer quickly =  within one second 4
 Clear Low context communication 5
 Positive Attitude (Reframe) English = Benefits, OK to make mistakes 6
Interact Review today’s learnings in two-way conversation 2
 Wrap-up Thanks. Stay positive thinking! Do you love English? “YES!”  Are you going to study English hard?  “YES!” 1

Sample Program Slides

Learn positive greeting behaviors

Say your idea clearly and simply

Enjoy interactive communication





Program design by Jon James Lynch and J-Global facilitators. Copyright K.K. J-Global 2018. All rights reserved