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Global English Mindset                C1
(G.E.M.) Intercultural
Workshop C:

20 Rules for Open Communication

Build a motivated, effective English-speaking global staff

The problem is although our organization plans to expand global business we don’t have enough people ready and willing to communicate in English…

This seminar helps employees communicate confidently in English, breaking mental barriers to learning and changing behavior forever.

You gave me the courage to try for global projects. I have to study English much harder from now on, but I’m sure I’ll make it. Thank you.

Coordinator, Global Food Wholesaler

The lecture was so impressive, especially your words; “English is the language you can make mistake”, “Set a different character and name when you use English in business”, and “Use brain in English mode, to save time.” These words broadened my mind.

Administration Coordinator, Technology Company

Thank you for the fun-filled lesson !! It was an eye opener to me, that Non-Native English speaker is 80%. I’ve been under tension whenever I speak, as if English was “a test”,”be perfect” like many Japanese people (till yesterday). So I was relieved to hear that mistakes are not bad in global communication.

Leasing Agent, Real Estate Company

The Purpose of this workshop:

■ Motivate employees to use the English they already know to communicate effectively in intercultural business situations. Enable them to learn English in a faster, smarter way.

Who is it for?

■ Japanese business people at beginner to intermediate English level who need to talk to overseas staff/customers/dealers or start English study to prepare for future global support roles.

■ Our interactive bilingual seminar style supports any class size: 2 to 200 people.

How will participants benefit?

■ Develop a positive mindset about learning English.

■ Learn a friendly, clear persuasive open communication style for global success.

■ Communicate easily in English, build teamwork and get to know international colleagues better.

■ Create an effective plan for ongoing language study and become motivated to attend English training.

Program highlights

■  20 simple rules combine intercultural communication, positive thinking and language speed learning theory so participants develop a confident “English personality”

Workshop Methodology

■  An informal, fun way of learning by communicating with instructor and other participants, optionally supported by our global business interns.

■ Engaging pair and group activities ensure that everybody participates.

■ Action-learning approach emphasizes practice and real-world activity.

■ J-Global’s bilingual interactive learning style supports mixed language levels and large class sizes. All learning materials are presented in both Japanese and English.

Facilitation Agenda

Sample Program Slides

Experience cultural differences

Learn by positive frameworks

Learn by drills and activities





Program design by Jon James Lynch and J-Global facilitators. Copyright K.K. J-Global 2018. All rights reserved